The Smokin' Hot Smart Phone App!

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The Deal

Get $50 of credit on your Smokin' Hot App for just $25!
Use it at over 25 Pittsburgh businesses!
You must own a Smart Phone to use the Smokin' Hot App.


Current List of Restaurants Accepting the Smokin' Hot App:
1. Ba'Runi Grille - Baden
2. Black Sheep Bar & Grill - Irwin
3. Bobby's 19th Hole - Beaver Falls
4. Brady's Run Grille - Fallston
5. Brick & Barrel - Fox Chapel
6. Caliente Pizza & Draft House - Aspinwall
7. Caliente Pizza & Draft House  - Bloomfield
8. Caliente Pizza & Draft House  - Hampton
9. Caliente Pizza & Draft House  - Monroeville
10. Caliente Pizza & Draft House  - Mt. Lebanon
11. Caliente Pizza & Draft House - Sewickley
12. Carson's Tavern - Scottdale
13. Max's Allegheny Tavern - North Side
14. Nobby's - Bridgeville
15. Penn Murry - Export
16. Quizno's Subs - Oakland
17. Youngstown Grille

Current List of Others Accepting the Smokin' Hot App:
1. Bowling - North Versailles Bowling Center - North Versailles
2. Carpet Cleaning - Citiwide Chem Dry - Sewickley
3. Chiropractor - Greater Pittsburgh Chiropractic - Wexford
4. Chiropractor - Panther Chiropractic - Greensburg
5. Chiropractor - Panther Chiropractic - Murrysville
6. Chiropractor - Turo Family Chiropractic - North HIlls
7. Golf - Murrysville Golf - Murrysville
8. Hair Salon - Studio G Salon & Day Spa - Brentwood
9. HVAC - Baker Sales & Service - Glenshaw
10. Optometrist / Eyeglasses - Lucchetti Total Vision - Sarver
11. Optometrist / Eyeglasses - Oakland Fashion Optical - Oakland
12. Pool Services - Baker Sales & Service - Glenshaw
13. Sunglasses - Pepper Performance Eyewear - Polish Hill

What is the Smokin' Hot App?
The Smokin' Hot App is a Smart Phone application that functions as a gift card.
It can be used at multiple Pittsburgh businesses as payment.
The maximum amount you can spend in one transaction is $50, but you can have an unlimited amount on your app at any time.

New User Information:
If you've never purchased the Smokin' Hot App before, please read below to find out the process for purchasing, receiving your money, and using the Smokin' Hot App at a local business.

Step 1: Purchase the Smokin' Hot App deal on
Step 2: Wait 2-3 business days to receive an email titled "Your Smokin' Hot Card App funds have arrived!"
Step 3: Follow the instructions in the email, which will provide an activation link for you to choose a password for your account.
Step 4: Download the Smokin' Hot App from the app store on your Android or iPhone device.
Step 5: Login using your email address and the password your chose in Step 3.

You can view a list of participating locations in the app at any time.

How to Pay a Vendor Using the Smokin' Hot App
1. Make sure the vendor is listed in the "Accepted Placed" tab on the app.
2. When you receive your bill, inform your server or salesperson that you want to pay using your Smokin' Hot App.
3. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner to expand the menu, and choose "Pay Vendor".
4. Ask the server or salesperson for their "Seller Number."
5. Enter your subtotal.
6. Enter your sales tax.
7. Enter the amount you want to redeem from your Smokin Hot App account (Max $50 per transaction.)
8. Enter a description in the Description field. It can be the date, or something like "dinner".
9. Tap the green "Preview" button
10. Review the details, and tap "Authorize" if correct.
11. Show the server or salesperson the green "Transaction Confirmation" screen, which will have a 6 digit confirmation number for them at the end.
12. Pay the remainder of your bill (tax, tip, and any amount remaining that the card did not cover) with another form of payment.

Alternatively, the vendor may choose to complete the transaction on their end. Please provide them with you 6 digit card number, found by tapping "Gift Card Balance". The card number is directly under the "Card Balance."



Deal Restriction(s)

  • The Smokin' Hot App may be used for a maximum amount of $50 per transaction.
  • Tax and gratuity are not included on any transaction when paying with the Smokin' Hot App. Please tip on full amount of bill.
  • The Smokin' Hot App may not be used in combination with any other deals, discounts, or promotions.
  • The list of Participating Locations is subject to change at any time, without notice.
  • Your Smokin' Hot App funds will never expire, and are non-refundable.
  • View the Participating Locations tab on the app to see the most current list.

For Customers who already have a Smokin' Hot App Account:

The Smokin' Hot App has been updated as of 10/15/19. 

If you're having trouble logging in, please try to:
1. Update the app on your phone from your app store. If that doesn't work,
2.  Delete and reinstall the app. If that doesn't work,
3. Send an email to for assistance.

For questions, please email


Customer Reviews

Leslie B. reviewed on January 16th, 2022

Caliente processed my purchase differently than the app stated to do. I was asked for my 6 digit ID number and the entire transaction was completed by the server on his notebook. This was the first time that happened, usually I process the purchase and show the confirmation number. Whatever works....

Mark W. reviewed on January 7th, 2022

I've shared this app with 10 family members who all joined recently.

Gino D. reviewed on December 20th, 2021

Good deal.