Featured Deal: Three Rivers Savings Card


Let's talk about one of our more unique deals: The Three Rivers Savings Card.

The Three Rivers Savings Card is unique in the fact that it is not a voucher, nor a gift cerificate. It's actually a card with several numbers on the back of it. Each number corresponds with a Pittsburgh business that is participating with the Three Rivers Savings Card. You won't have to carry around multiple coupons -- the card is all you need!

All of the offers on the Three Rivers Savings Card are considered "Buy One Get One Free" or 50% off. That means you must first spend the amount of the deal at the business to receive the discount.

The Three Rivers Savings card comes with a handy directory, which explains the numbers on the back of the card, and how much you can save at each restaurant. For example, Bonefish Grill in McCandless is a participant of the Three Rivers Savings Card. When looking at the directory, you will see the "maximum value" is listed as $11. That means you must spend at least $11 at Bonefish Grill to save $11 off your check.

You will also notice that each deal has two card numbers. That's because you can use the Three Rivers Savings card at each restaurant twice! A server should punch out one of the numbers on the back of your card for each visit.

If you're up for an adventure, try everywhere in the directory! If you do, you'll save over $1,750! The Three Rivers Savings Card retails for $10, but you can get yours on JustPayHalfPittsburgh.com for only $10. Get it here!

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