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Get 2 admissions to Conquer the Clock for ONLY $25! (A $50 value)
Valid any of the 4 escape rooms or the Splatter Zone!

Valid Monday - Thursday: 3:30PM - 9PM

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Cursed Cabin (Intermediate)

Gabrielle Barker was a troubled young soul. She strived to fit in everywhere. Her family had moved around from place to place with the hopes of Gabby being able to find herself. 
They eventually stumbled upon this quaint little town in the suburbs of Pennsylvania. For the first time, she had actually started to make real friends. Gabby, Emily, Madie, & Sadie were inseparable. They spent all their free time together. 
As the story goes, one beautiful fall day, Gabby and the others had decided to go wondering in the woods just behind her house. They were laughing and having the time of their lives. They had been wondering around for hours when out of nowhere they stumbled upon this cabin.  It was in the most unusual place. Considering they lived along the river bend, how could there possibly be this cabin that no one had ever mentioned before.
When they went inside, they were immediately startled by the décor. It looked as if someone had been living there.  Once inside they knew that they had to leave right away! The feeling that took over them was unimaginable. Sadie turned to open the door and it was stuck! The others screamed as loud as loud could be. No one would be able to hear them, they were in the middle of nowhere.

When suddenly the sky turned black, the temperature dropped tremendously, they could hear thunder in the distance. Lightning lit up the sky as if it were the 4th of July. They knew something bad was about to happen. 
In the shadows they could see a figure. What were they to do? There was no way they were going to find their way back in this storm. They stood as still as statues in the hopes that this creature wouldn’t see them. Of course, it did, but no one else has ever seen or heard from them again.

It has been 30 years since that beautiful day took a turn for the worse. You and your friends have decided to find that cabin to see if you can invoke the apparitions of Gabby and her friends.

You will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and clues to find out what happened on that dreadful day. Complete their friendship circle so can release the spirits of Gabby, Sadie, Emily and Madie to lift the curse on the cabin. But you may want to hurry, you never know what may be lurking in the shadows…..


Candy Falls (Intermediate)

Mr. Boysenberry (founder of Candy Falls) is believed to be the richest man this side of the Mississippi. He has invested all his time into becoming the best chocolatier the world has ever seen. 
You have only heard the rumors of what this candy store looks like. Rumor has it that it contains hidden treasures, top secret tricks of the trade and even a functioning chocolate fountain.
Today he has invited a few local residents to take a private tour of his candy shop/factory. You've decided this is finally your chance to get a look at this magnificent place.
As you arrive, you over hear chitter chatter that he has become a fraud. He has begun selling none of his own creations. Though through all of the whispers you find out that his one and only remaining Candy Falls Krunch bar is actually locked away somewhere in this shop. You decide amongst yourselves to make it your duty to find that candy bar once you get inside.

While he is busy entertaining other guests you will have 60 minutes to sneak around and find that Krunch bar, but you better be quick you sure don't want him to catch you red handed!


Missing: A Serial Killers Lair (Challenging)

One of your friends has gone missing and you suspect Mr. Dixson at the end of Ember Lane has something to do with it. You and your friends have had your eye on him for the last few days watching his every move. He usually leaves his place at this exact time to go down to the local bar. He typically spends at least an hour there, so you have decided to break into to his place to see if you can find your missing friend. When suddenly the door locks behind you. You must retrieve your friend and figure out the 5 digit door code before he returns, or you all just may become his next victims.



Now Open! Splatter Zone is a place to release your creative energy, make art or just splatter paint all over your friends. With every booking you will be able to choose a package that will work best for your group. Choose a canvas and room description before you arrive and leave the rest to us. We will provide protective eye wear, body suits and booties to try to help keep you as clean as possible. We recommend you not to wear your favorite outfit or shoes as things can get a little messy. Step out of the norm, and come let out your inner child with us at SPLATTER ZONE!

Release your inner artist and let the paint FLY!  Choose from 4 different Splatter Zones!

Monet (Mini)
Picasso (Neon, Mini)
Van Gogh (Neon)
Da Vinci


Deal Restrictions

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  • Not valid with any other promotion
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  • Voucher valid for (2) admissions. Must use all (2) admissions in one booking.
  • Based on availability.
  • Must book in advance.
  • Valid Monday - Thursday only.
  • This is a web code promotion: After purchasing this deal, you will receive a web code to use on www.conquertheclock-escape.com to finalize your booking. Please enter this code at checkout!

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Phone: 724-709-7862

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